Real Estate Investors

Have you ever sat in a class room where you know the teacher has never preformed what he or she is teaching about? Have you ever walked into a bank and asked for investment advice from someone who does not have any investments? Then why in the world would you have a realtor who does not own or has not owned any investment property to help you?
hard money house
Not only have I owned Investment Real Estate, but I continue to invest and have been investing through-out most of the bubble burst! I have a unique style of investing, that has protected my assets as others have lost theirs. Personally I do not use money adviser’s that have gone bankrupt or Real Estate agents who have had to Short Sale or had their properties foreclosed upon, seems like common sense to me. A great question to ask when you are interviewing your next agent, “have you had a foreclosure or short-sale?” Contact us today to set up a time to discuss your needs in the area of investment Real Estate!

I am now offering a E book and coaching around the style of investing that I like to do, call or email me for details. I typically see returns over 50% on the deals that I do, they are near you too. Money back guarantee if you follow my coaching!